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domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014


How I was led by the Nazareth spirit?

Two significant changes have happened to me since I became an LJ: 

First, it has made me aware of my mission in the Church. I became aware that, like the clergy and the religious, I have also an important and irreplaceable role to play in the church. I realized that the Church will not succeed in its mission unless the laity, who comprises the majority member of the Church, is activated. Thanks to Lay Josephine!

Second, I see work differently now. Before, I just see work as a means of livelihood. Now, I see God in my work. I have become aware that work is a participation in the creative, redemptive, and transformative work of God. This awareness of God’s presence in work inspires and motivates me to work well, knowing that the quality of my work reflects the quality of my love for God. Oh, how the world of work will change if only it is animated by the spirit of Nazareth. Thanks to SSJ!


8/24/14 Third Formation Session (for the new group)

Chapter 4 (Green Book)

Sharing of Life Experiences

How LJ spirituality changed an aspect of my life/personality/way of relating with people, with concrete life example.

..LJ as a total person
..LJ for Jesus
Living our ordinary life according to the teachings of the Bible.
..LJ for the Charism of St. Bonifacia
I call it the LJS Charism, a way of life for Lay Josephines
a gift to us LJ that needs to be shared to others to perpetuate the LJS.

In our daily life, sometimes we are on the right path, sometimes we lose our way, but because of our LJS guide, soon enough we go back again to where we are called.

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

L@s Laic@s Josefinos de Filipinas renuevan hoy sus promesas en una eucaristía a las 17, 30 h (hora local)

viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

Estamos en Tiempo y Espacio de Taller

Estamos trabajando los Instrumentos para llevar a cabo el proyecto de evaluación de nuestro caminar como Laic@s Josefin@s, que nos han propuesto las Siervas de san José.

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